Our Favorite Colorado Coffee Whiskey Cocktails 

Coffee Grand Cocoa

Coffee Grand Cocoa

1 oz Colorado Coffee Whiskey

1 oz Grand Marnier

6 oz hot cocoa

Make your favorite hot cocoa. Stir in ingredients. Sip and Enjoy.

Coffee whiskey amaretto sour

Coffee Whiskey Amaretto Sour

1 oz coffee whiskey

1 oz amaretto

1 oz fresh orange juice

Shake and strain. Serve with a cherry for garnish.


The Spicy Russian

2 oz Colorado Coffee Whiskey

½ oz cinnamon syrup

½ oz heavy whipping cream

2 dashes aztec chocolate bitters

Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake vigorously for at 20 seconds, strain into an old fashioned glass over ice.

Coffee Walnut Old Fashioned

Coffee Walnut Old Fashioned

2 oz Colorado Coffee Whiskey

1/4oz real maple syrup

2 dashes Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters.

Stir ingredients together in a lowball glass, add a few ice cubes and enjoy! Garnish with a strip of orange zest and a cherry, if you’re feeling fancy.


Coffee Whiskey Frappe

2oz Colorado Coffee Whiskey

1/2oz chocolate liqueur

1/2oz coconut creme

Blend ingredients with equal parts ice until smooth and creamy. (using an immersion stick blender is the easiest method)


Cinnamon Coconut Coffee

2 oz Colorado Coffee Whiskey

1 oz coconut cream (coco real)

1/4 oz amaro del capo

Combine and Shake with ice, serve in a coupe glass, garnish with orange peel & a coffee bean.

Don’t Give a Fig

2 oz Colorado Coffee Whiskey

1 tsp Fig Preserves

1/2 oz Vanilla Bean syrup

Combine and shake with ice, serve in a coupe glass. Garnish with a sliver of dried fig.

Colorado Mountain Dog

2 oz Colorado Coffee Whiskey

4 oz root beer

1/2 oz heavy whipping cream

Fill high ball glass with ice, add Colorado Coffee Whiskey, top off with root beer, float cream on top.

Rocky Mountain White Russian

2 oz Colorado Coffee Whiskey

1/2 oz Heavy Cream

1 tsp simple syrup (optional)

Shake Colorado Coffee Whiskey, simple syrup, and cream vigorously with ice for at least 60 seconds, strain into a low ball glass over ice, enjoy!